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Fewer voting errors likely this November

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Frank S

Fewer voting errors likely this November

By Dennis Cauchon and Jim Drinkard, USA TODAY

The vote count in this year's presidential election should be far more accurate and comprehensive than the controversial election of 2000, a USA TODAY analysis found. (Related story: Avoiding ballot mistakes)
More than 1.9 million ballots were disqualified in 2000 because they registered multiple presidential votes or none when run through vote-counting machines.

The rate of voter error about 2% of ballots should be slashed drastically this year because of better ballot design, new voting machines and voter education, say election officials and political scientists who track voting habits.

"We learned a lot about the causes of voter error in 2000. I wouldn't be surprised if the error rate was cut in half," says Philip Klinkner, co-author of a Harvard University report on spoiled ballots in the 2000 election.

The dramatic improvement in procedures since 2000 has been overshadowed in this close presidential race by controversy over the accuracy of official lists of eligible voters. But the number of ballots involved in these disputes is small compared with the ballots discarded nationwide in 2000 because of errors by voters.

For example, Republicans on Friday challenged 35,000 names on the Ohio voter rolls of 8 million voters. By comparison, 94,001 votes were discarded in the state in 2000 because of ballot error.

Cutting voting errors in half would add about 1 million votes that would have been uncounted in previous elections. That could help Democrat John Kerry because mistakes historically have been highest in Democratic precincts, especially those with many minorities.

Key changes since 2000:

Better ballot design. The primary cause of voter error in Florida in 2000 was poor ballot design, a USA TODAY study found. Problems were concentrated in counties that listed the 10 presidential candidates on two pages or in two columns. That prompted thousands of voters to vote twice once on each page or once in each column.

New machines. About 26% of Americans will vote on equipment that guards against voting mistakes.

Voter education. "We've never seen such aggressive poll worker training and voter education," says Meredith Imwalle, spokeswoman for the National Association of Secretaries of State, state officials who oversee voting.

Fewer minor party candidates. Most ballots will be shorter and simpler because fewer candidates qualified than in 2000. Florida will have eight presidential candidates this year, down from 10 in 2000.
#1 - 25-10-2004, 11:17 uur
Iedereen heeft recht op mijn mening.


Nou, ik heb die nieuwe voting machine gezien op een link hier ergens op het forum. hahahaha volgens mij wordt het gewoon weer een zooitje  ;D ;D ;D
#2 - 25-10-2004, 19:07 uur


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